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GEM registration helps to authorize the manufacturer, small dealers and service providers to enter the wide and interactive online platform, where they can directly sell their products & services to various buyers from the government departments, organizations and PSUs. It enables the authorised governments to buy the goods and services directly from the private traders and manufacturers instantly and hassle-free.

Vendor Assessment

Vendor Assessment may be defined as the assessment or evaluation of a prospective vendor to determine if they can effectively meet the obligations and needs of the business regarding a service or product. GeM would be required to get an. assessment of their company profile and the products that are registered for an offer on GeM. We will guide you through all the requirements and process of Vendor Assessment on GeM portal.

Product Upload

Make your products & services live on GeM & sell to all government departments. Very importantly, upon the GeM registration process, the dealers, manufacturers and service providers have to list their products & services on their GeM login. This process is called Product listing on Government e-Marketplace. It’s only when the product listing is approved by the GeM Authority, that the GeM products of the seller will go live on the Government e-Marketplace. 

Bid Participation

The e-Bidding / RA module of GeM is a tool provided to the Buyer(s) for organizing bidding / RA from GeM Sellers of the particular product category for a pre-defined requirement i.e. quantity, technical parameters for Goods/ Services of the particular product category required for one or more Buyers / Consignees.

Vendor Identification

The Vendor Identification (VID) Section is responsible for the maintenance of the Vendor Identification System. All vendors classified as individuals, sole proprietors and partnerships, must complete a Payee Identification Form (PIF) before payment can be made. Without good vendors who provide your quality stock, business services and company supplies at competitive prices, with good terms and delivery schedules, your company’s bottom line and profits will be sorely compromised.

Brand Registration

If you have your own brand then you need to register your brand and for the same, you need to provide all the documents like brand ownership proof, Manufacturing/NSIC registration certificate, online market presence, and technical specifications if your product is already not available on GeM. GeM also provides an OEM Panel to manage their authorized resellers.

GeM Training Course 

 We will provide you with the best service regarding GeM Portal 
  • Product & Service Uploading
  • Catalogue Creation,
  • Bidding Process,Order Processing

 Customised Packages for Per       state

We can Customise the Packages for you as per your wants.

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Customised Packages for Each Sector

Forecasting your current business so that you can determine the future trends. 

It will help you to develop strategies for the upcoming period of time.

Facilitating managerial decisions, Better utilization of resources, Efficiency of your business, Lead you towards growth and success

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