OTT platform MArket study

An OTT (Over the top) is the method of providing content over a high-speed internet connection, instead of the content being shared by the traditional distributors such as broadcasters, cable and IPTV operators. OTT content consists of TV shows, web shows and film content that can be watched on phone, laptop/pc, tablet or connected TV. This means streaming across different devices whenever we want is possible because of OTT.

In 2019, there were around 170 MN video OTT-streaming users in India and the user base is expected to increase at a rate of about 26.40% till 2025. Premium, original content is one of the biggest growth drivers and differentiators in the OTT industry with a number of OTT platforms competing for consumers' attention.

Table of Content:

Introduction to OTT Industry

  1. Sector Introduction. 
  2. What are the Latest trends.
  3. The Growth Rate & Market potential.
  4. Market Evolution. 
  5. What all elements it consists of ?
Terminology and Concepts

  1. All related terminologies. 
  2. Concept Briefs.
  3. Abbreviation and Vocabulary.

The Technology

  1. What are the basic elements of the sector
  2. Technology brief of the products, core science concepts, Drawings and graphs
The Market

  1. The Overall market size. 
  2. Key Growth Drivers. 
  3. Growth Forecast for next 10 years, Past 5 Years Data.
  4.  Indian, US, Asia, Europe, Africa & Overall global Market growth.
  5. Global market opportunities for companies by 2021. 
  6. Indian Market scenario(Drivers, Restraint & opportunities).
  7. Key trend analysis (supplier side demand, Consumer demand side). 
  8. Covid-19 Impact in Industry.

Company Profiles

  1. Top Global Companies and Startups.
  2. Top Indian Companies and Startups
  3. Potential companies/ Startups looking for partnerships
Financial Detailing:

  1. Project Setup Investment
  2. Technology requirements 
  3. Revenue Model
  4. Financial Projections 

Appendix and Useful Resources. 

Detailed review of the sector, growth perspective, Future Market Scope.