StartUp Rokket


Let's Launch Your Dream StartUp.

All You Need is your Start Up to go live. So do we. We will do anything and everything to make it Go Live. No Hussle, no tension, no need to ask anything outside. We will make sure that your StartUp Launches at the right time. 3 Commitements:

  1. Min Time 
  2. Min Exp 
  3. Min Mistakes that others do

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When the Idea of a StartUp hits your mind and soul, that's the time to make it work. Learn, understand and then Launch. No one is teaching you what all you need to know before launching the Start Up, but we will share it with you. So join us and strat learning about How to Launch your StartUp.

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Idea Hub

Hunting for a StartUp Idea. You're getting today.

Want to Do Something BIG but haven't found the Rigth Idea yet, no worries. We have got plenty of them. We are carefully studying the Ideas around the world. Spend time and work out your idea. When you are ready, we will launch it together.

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1 Problem. 1000 Minds to Solve it.

There are many problems around which need solution. One person alone may not be able to resolve it. So let's put Best of the minds together and if we can comeup with a solution, we will definitely try to bring it to life. What else, you can become one of the Key Persons / Co-Founder and make history.

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BPlan Advisors Venture

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